How Businesses In Atlanta Rank Higher In search Engines

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Welcome to today’s lesson, this video what I’m going to show you how to do is how to build links to our websites, in the simplest way possible. In fact, we are not even going to be creating our links, we going to be having other people create them for us.
I would like to add an example of great SEO consultant and web design located in Atlanta.
If you type in Google, who is the best SEO guy in Atlanta? You will see at the top of search results, that was an excellent example of the following lessons that you will learn in this post.
I will show you the basis of creating your links, and if you look at other videos on our channel, there is much more detail guides for free and getting some advanced links. That’s not what I’m planning to teach you right now; I want to get you rankings on your first try. So what we are going to be doing in this, is going over the link building strategy, how to do a little bit yourself, but mostly how to pay other people cheaply how to do it for you. So you can get it right the first time. Then I’m going to be showing you how to do in the final minutes of the video is how to go out there and make money with this high-end local sites that you just created. I want you to remember that this is not the only way to make money with SEO, but in my opinion is the easiest way for a beginner to get started. So we are gonna begin the final video now, after that you are on your own, and good luck.

Keeping SEO Simple:
What we were gonna learn now is how to rank a website and to make money. My plan is to make this as simple as possible. We are trying to get your feet on the ground and get your first ranking without doing all the complicated stuff. When you get all the basic concepts, then you can proceed to the more complicated stuff later on.

What you need to know about links. How do links work
Links are essentially what control where stuff is ranking in search engines to some extent. As simple as daylight: Links control rankings. When you get more advanced and start going after some more competitive keywords, we will get into some other stuff, and how to do that later.
What everyone needs to know who are interested in learning search engine optimization, is that search engines look at a couple of things:

1-The relevance of the links: for example if we have a website about dogs and the links coming into our website, people and other website linking to our site. Watch the video below for more details.
So the search engines algorithm would filter the links and see dog websites linking to another dog website, which passes relevance.
The other unfavorable scenario is when a dog website gets links from gaming or gambling or other topics that have nothing to do with dogs. Here search engines algorithm gets confused and doesn’t pass relevancy and won’t rank that dog site higher in search engines.
Also, i looks at the anchor text of the links. The anchor text is the term that tells a story to search engines algorithms

2-The second most important element for ranking in Google is the power of the links coming to your site. These are measured by Domain Authority and Trust Flow. You will hear these term a lot in SEO, Domain Authority or DA is the overall power of the domain and reputation is determined by link analyzing tool name MOZ – Open Site Explorer. Trust Flow or TF is another domain analyzer that determines the trust and power of links by Majestic SEO. These are the most used tool to determine how strong and powerful a site is.

The site with most and best of this types of links mostly ranks the first page of search engines in a lot of searches. That’s the basic of SEO principle.
For more info, please watch the video below for more details:

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