Applications and Trends in Web Design

Web design is a subject that broadly includes various disciplines and sill sets required for the design, production and maintenance of websites. These disciplines include authoring codes and proprietary software, interface design, web graphics, search engine optimization and user experience design. However, the term itself is generally used to describe the process and design relating to the client-side or front-end of a website. In the wider area of web development, web design sometimes overlaps with web engineering; it is not uncommon to see teams of individuals attending to various disciplines of the design process. It is also common to come across a single individual covering the various aspects of web design.

Web design is a fairly recent entrant in the technology segment although it finds links in other areas like graphic design. From a technological point of view web design has become a part of everyday life. From animated graphics and video effects, styles of typography to backgrounds and musical tunes, web design has it all.

Web design Applications

It involves standards for designing, building and rendering websites and pages including CSS, device APIs, HTML and SVG simply known as ‘webapps.’

Many web designs trend year after year; some ‘fads’ may fall by the wayside after the initial euphoria wears off but some trends last for several years.

In that sense, while some design trends are still around after a few years, there are still more that experts feel may go all the way to the top in the coming years.

• Non-boring typography – using ‘fonts with personality’ that stand on their own and make a style statement.

• Flat design – launched by Apple in the iOS7, this aesthetic design trend is here to stay.

• ‘Hero areas’ replacing sliders – ‘hero areas’ are those at the top of a website with an image and a few lines of text that are replacing spots where sliders used to sit on websites.

• Focus on mobiles and handheld devices – responsive design is increasingly becoming more commonplace and designers are making websites functional and fast-loading on mobile devices, as a great percentage of web browsing is done through handhelds.

• Videos replacing text – videos are becoming easier to produce and their appeal far outweighs text.

• Long scrolling sites – these were the order earlier but have started to reappear interspersed with user friendly and more responsive designs.

• Simple colors – earlier the more the color the better the appeal, that trend seems to have been outgrown as web designs in simpler, two-tone colors are making the rounds.

• Simplified content – ‘Content is King’ and seems like simpler the better.

• Dropping the sidebars – elaborate sidebars with dropdowns crowd a website and take away space intended for content.